About Polhia

POLHIA. "Monetary, Fiscal and Structural Policies with Heterogeneous Agents"

The POLHIA project has been financed through Theme 8 of the Seventh Framework Programme of the European Commission (Socio-Economic Sciences and Humanities). It is a 3 years project started in November 1, 2008. It is a research project conducted with the collaboration of six European Institutions:

POLHIA's core scope consists in exploring the nexus of macroeconomic and microeconomic/structural policies in an heterogeneous agents setting.

POLHIA aims at providing new insights and useful suggestions for the implementation of both macroeconomic policies and structural policies and for rethinking policy coordination or coherence, which emerges first between monetary and fiscal policies and second between micro and macro policies.

POLHIA is divided into seven work packages, each of them led by one of the participating institutions.